Strategy & design

Brand Insight & design

A brand consists of core values alongside your identity. The core values of the brand combined with the project goal forms the brand identity that we create or translate into a 3D experience and a true brand space. Setting the brand values and the goals of a project is done by our team of marketing professionals and brand experience advisors.

Experience & 3D strategy

With our marketing team and 3D designers we create experiences and take the brand experience to the next level through carefully selected materials and textures that define the brand space. Experiences and activations which attract and engage customers.

Marketing insights & advice

Creating a brand identity is based on research, insights and defining core values. Merkenbaar researches and determines your core values upon request. A stated clea vision and target goals are vital to the development of an effective and physical brand identity. Merkenbaar works with a team of strategists, marketeers and brand project managers which have been working on international productions.

Activation insights

Setting goals, evaluate and continuously direct a live, moving process in order to keep this optimized is one of the key points at Merkenbaar. With a dedicated team of specialists who strive for optimization and measurability, we offer insights and reporting on- and offline.


3D brand space design

The development and supply of remarkable 3D concepts starts with an idea. To spark this idea, we together with you define the initial framework of the case in order to produce a concept that meets or even exceeds your requirements & expectations. Our team of designers are experts in sculpting and visualizing your wishes to an achievable solution. From hand sketching up to high-end renders, options are endless.


For every project, we work with dedicated project managers who arrange and organize your project from A to Z. Project preparations, planning, execution and quality management runs in their blood, so needless to say that you are in good hands with us. Processes and developments are shared with you online (and accessed on demand), in that way you are up-to-date and informed about the status of your project and together we work towards an ideal result.

Value engineering

When the concept development phase has passed, we aim to optimize and manage workflows and manufacture proceedings. Research, technical drawings & layouts of the concept and optimization of the materialization or product ensures that you get the best price / quality ratio to suit your specific needs. This is our standard way of working, with a simple aim of providing you with the best value for money in every project.

Graphic design

A good 3D concept succeeds with a good storyline. Hence visual content works? It sure does, since 50% of the information received by our brains are visual signals. We think in images and images are easier processed and 'digested' by our minds. In other words, a graphic design can make the difference in an experience. Upon request we provide project support with graphic designers and technical designers to develop content for digital use or print work.



Merkenbaar provides national and international booth construction productions for numerous clients. From timber construction booths to fully customized booths on interior level or modular solutions. Together we examine the frequency of use, the required square meters, locations and all that is required to ensure full preparation and a successful exhibition. Due to our experience both on home turf and abroad our team possesses a large dose of knowledge of many exhibition / event locations.


For our interior productions we work with a network of production partners, all with their own specialization & expertise. When the concept phase has passed, we aim for the best price/quality ratio next to efficient working & production processes. Unique forms, milling work, acrylics, metal or hi-end materials such as corian or hi-macs, we have the know-how and offer a suiting support & management. We work on basis of a turnkey principle, ensuring that you have knowledge and insight upfront in order to know what you can expect and will receive and with our online management tool you are up to date 24/7.

Pop up

For temporary retail projects Merkenbaar offers and delivers a variety of solutions. From modular rental items up to high-end interior objects, we raise the bar. Our team is no stranger to short time frames and deadlines and finding the right balance between budget and targets/branding for temporary installations.


An event can be an excellent opportunity to create and share your brand experience with the customer and/or consumer. Is my brand visible enough and which story do I want to tell? Merkenbaar believes in putting our brains together in the journey towards branding your event, telling your story and providing achievable solutions custom made for your location. From a 360 degree concept up to a banner, from routing up to branded giveaways. Our team knows the ins and outs, locations and how to optimally present. The brand experience is a vital part of your event.


We deliver all sorts of solutions for your print production needs. Large, printed walls to cater for exhibition needs, box letters, presentation- or expo systems, banners or XL prints for in- or outdoor use. With our regional and international partners, we deliver a broad variety of solutions and are pleased to support on needs or ideas.

Brand prototyping

Part of a brand or product environment is the use of a distinctive POS display. The power of POS displays can contribute to the presentation of your product and harvest extra awareness, both in the store, at a fair or at your event. Merkenbaar supplies bespoke solutions that strengthens the brand and/or product. From point of sale evaluation to bespoke interior displays with e.g. interactive touchscreens we develop appropriate solutions & objects from design through to realization. In this sequential process, the development of a prototype is sometimes an (optional) necessity in the production process. Merkenbaar supports & guides this development on the path towards a serial production. At Merkenbaar we provide information and insight so that our clients know exactly what to expect in the development of a brand-enhancing POS display.




We have a national and international network of shopfitters, merchandisers and other specialists in the work field of instore and outstore communications. Are you looking for a partner who can implement an action into your network or of dealers we know the way and how to do it. Giving the tool of an online planning to follow your project 24/7.


Our team of passionate profesionals are not evading challenges. We are wrapping up when a project is done, the final screw has been placed and the pen next to the cash desk lies straight (or sideways if that matches your brand). Our people are all equipped with a VGB and as a prefferes supplier of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you can expect us to work with qualified colleagues who will do their utmost best to get the right result. From carpenetrs, and booth builders up to merchandisers and stylists, Merkenbaar delivers the right people at the right place.


Installations of media and productions, installations of interior and shop interiors are done by specialists. From carpenters up tom installation crew members, from plumber up to electicien, every unique project needs their specialst working crew to get the job done in the best way.