Concepting & design

Every concept is developed based on a clear briefing which we create based on the defined project criteria. Goals and expectations contribute to the design process and undergo tests and visualization. From sketch design up to renderings we create proposals and digital layouts depending on your project needs and wishes, even including technical drawings.

Engineering & projectmanagement

Every brand and case is unique, manifestation and location regulations are well-known points of attention to our project managers. Based on our rich experience we develop unique projects that time and time again ask for a different approach. Our in-house design, technical & project teams form the backbone of the operation and your project. From delivering a clear back planning up to a turn key quotation.

Planning & production

Production and production management are in good hands at Merkenbaar. From prototyping, fixtures, POS displays, print work up to the creation of whole interiors, pop up stores and food trucks. At Merkenbaar we deliver with clear time frames and to a turnkey principle.

Installation and or dismantling

The installation of an exhibition booth, pop up, POS activation, shop or store interior is part of our service package based on a turnkey principle. With a team of shop fitters, logistic workers and booth builders we ensure that your installation will be executed with utmost care and attention to detail. Dismantling, maintenance and warehousing of your valued brand space is dealt with in the same manner.

Services, storage, fulfilment, maintenance

Service is a given factor at Merkenbaar. Always being a step ahead, always thinking in solutions for a project. With a marketing and service driven approach we understand your business processes and how bespoke solutions are to integrate in these. From fulfillment of your shop or POS activation truck and booths up to warehousing and maintenance of your international POS or expo campaign. Shipments and transportation are an essential part hereof. We cater for all your needs, take away any hassle and deliver so you can focus on your core business.